Lead the Star Traders as they end the Exodus and establish a new Quadrant, colonize the first new home worlds and hold the alien at bay.Play
Rediscover over 100 lost technologies, upgrades, and ship components as you reclaim the Star Traders’ heritage and discover the future.Play
The core is gone forever but old rivalries still remain between the Factions. Use espionage to quell wars, establish trade, and enhance your empire’s research.Play
From Explorers to warlike Cruisers, design your fleet from the ground up with hundred of tech unlocked Reactors, Weapons, Armors and Upgrades.Play
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Star Traders 4X Tactics writes the next chapter of the epic story of the Star Traders, allowing you to tell the tale of the splinters of the great Exodus as they settle their own new Quadrants. How will you hold your empire together and defeat the xeno threat without the Templar Fleet to protect your people?

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Commander’s Resources

Star Traders 4X allows you to take the reigns of the new empires as the Exodus ends. Play Star Traders to see the story from the other side – as a individual Captain in a newly settled Quadrant.Play Free
Watch the first twenty minutes of 4X Tactics played by a genuine Trese Brother. Learn some pro-tips and hear the stream of thoughts as a new empire is born.Play Video
Our strong community forum holds reams of valuable information, and is the perfect place to pose your questions, post feature requests and bug reports!Read Forum
Following the Trese Brothers tradition, Star Traders 4X Tactics was built using a community-based Alpha period.  Read more about and Subscribe to hear more about these opportunities.Read More