Trese Brothers is a small indie game development company formed by two brothers, Cory and Andrew.  We make complex, highly replayable games for mobile devices like your Android phone or tablet and your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.  With our newest game, Heroes of Steel we have launched our first game to PC as well!

The Trese Brothers team considers support for our gamers, community and customers to be one of our top priorities. We are, after all, making these games for you!  We believe that you will find Trese Brothers to provide superior responsiveness, response time, willingness to listen, and excitement at taking your feedback than any other game company on the market.

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Heroes of Steel RPG Now on Desura for PC

Play Heroes of Steel Tactics RPG is on your PC today! This squad-based fantasy RPG is now available on the popular games network, Desura! Buy your copy now and enjoy this classic tactics RPG on your big screen!

Download for PC

Explore the immense and sprawling world of Steel in Heroes of Steel RPG (available on the App Store or Google Play).

Become a elite, urban mercenary in Cyber Knights cyberpunk RPG.

Captain a Star Traders spaceship in the Quadrant as you rise to fame as a pirate, merchant, or bounty hunter.

Defend the Star Traders Quadrant as a mighty Templar Knight in Templar Assault tactical RPG.

Brave the high seas as a captain in the age of sail, leading the life of a pirate, merchant prince, or admiral in Age of Pirates.

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Incredibly challenging, highly replayable RPGs

Will you marauder across the Quadrant as a Star Trading captain, burn and blast your way across the Quadrant as an elite fighting force of Templars, infiltrate or hack your way through the cyberpunk future of 2217.

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Our newest game, Heroes of Steel RPG was born of a KickStarter run in early 2013.  We are now proudly over-delivering on the promises of that KickStarter and bring the game to a wide variety of platforms, markets, and devices!

Available on App Store

Heroes of Steel RPG Now on iTunes

Our flagship fantasy RPG, Heroes of Steel, is now available on the iTunes App Store. Join the adventure through your four unlikely heroes as you face the grim medieval world of Steel, its dark mysteries, and its lost gods.

Available on App Store