If you are new to Trese Brothers games, join our Forum, play the free versions, decide if you want to purchase Elite, and if you decide you love our mission, then come back to this page and support us.

If you have been with Trese Brothers for a while, then you know our mission.  To build the best tactical and role-playing games available for the Android and iOS devices.  We love building games, and we love working with you, and continuing to support and grow our games like no other developer on the market.  Star Traders has now passed its third anniversary, and it has been updated literally hundreds of times, and as with the updates for all our games, these are content, features, and enhancement updates.  

But (you cry aloud), its all for $2.99!  Hundreds of updates for $2.99!  If you also love our mission, see us daily on the forums, and want to see the games continue, you may choose to further support the Trese Brother team.  As a forum member, you can choose to purchase one or both of the badges below, which will be posted to your forum account and you can wear it with pride.  Two badges are currently available through PayPal:

  • Supporter Badge ($5)
  • Elite Supporter Badge ($10)
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What will we do with the money?

Your support will help keep Trese Brothers making new games, working closely with you on the forum, and forging ahead against our mission.  To be a bit more specific, we will use the support for:

  • Buying New Devices (ICS, Nexus, New Tabs, etc)
  • Funding Expenses (Servers, Hosting, Hardware)
  • Buying Assets for New Games (Music, SFX, Libraries)
  • Funding Kickstarter Campaigns for Future Games