Seeds on the Galactic Winds

In the years following the Great War, a multitude of Star Trader Factions embarked on a great journey. Lead by the legendary Ardok Shalun the World Ships fled, hoping to leave the war-ravaged Galactic Core behind.  Under the protective might of the Templar Fleet, hundreds of thousands of Star Trader ships began the migration to their promised home among the distant stars. The journey was long, the dangers were many, and countless were lost.

Star Traders RPG tells the story of the six Factions who ended their Exodus in the Farfallen Rim, founding a new galactic core and working to rebuild their civilization and prized society.

Star Traders 4X: Empire in Exile will invite you to tell the stories of other survivors – those Star Traders who stopped short of the Farfallen Rim, lost, tired of the endless travel, or too slow to keep pace.  Alone, and without the protection of the mighty Templars, the leadership of these Factions look to find new homeworlds and carve out their own quadrants.

Empire in Exile: Alpha Is In Progress

Learning from our previous two alphas (Age of Pirates and then our best yet – Heroes of Steel), we has debuted Star Traders 4X: Empire in Exile in a closed alpha.  We are focusing on putting a high quality and very playable game into the hands of a small, dedicated group of fans.  Those members of the Alpha Access Team have a direct line to Cory and Andrew during a three to four week long alpha period, seeing their feedback, UI suggestions, and bugs get fast turn around and resolution.

Alpha Access Team membership was available for $25 and comes with a number of other perks as well, described below. Funds from the Alpha Access Team went directly to improve Star Traders 4X by paying for sound, graphics, music, development and marketing.  The Alpha phase started during the month of April, 2014.

4X Alpha Access

  • Alpha Access – available for either Android or Apple devices, you will have early access to the game in the weeks before it is published as well as access to the closed forum for 4X Alpha Access team only.  If you are a forum member, we will badge your account.
  • Your Name in the Credits – a name of your choosing will be listed in the Star Traders 4X credits.
  • Name a World – the new systems to be explored by the Star Traders are vast and many.  We will allow you to name one of the star systems within the game.  Pay homage to one of your greatest Captains or your favorite faction?
  • 2 Free Copies for PC – on any gaming network (Desura,, or Steam) we will grant you 2 free copies of the game.
  • Digital Starter Code – we will provide you with a unique digital reward that will give any new game you create a powerful boost.  Playing on the largest map against the nastiest aliens?  You might just want this digital starter!

The Alpha Access Team is now closed to new members!  The Alpha is on!