As you tear across thew New Boston Zone in Cyber Knights, you will be responsible for equipping and building out your team.  Constantly sent on all sorts of dangerous and underworld operations, both your Cyber Knight and your Runners will need gear, specialized electronics, cybernetic implants, and lethal weapons and protective armor to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Who has the Best?

Many factors, including corporate espionage, have leveled the playing field in most types of production, so these days it is hard to say who has the edge in cyberware, armor or weapons.  Many corporations lay claim to being the premiere producer of the highest quality gear in a specific area, but their claim is always challenged the next season by another competitor or a new product release.

Those Knights and Runners shopping the NBZ need to be wary of the quality and maker of the gear they are purchasing.  With the availability of manufacturing techniques, cheap knock-offs and lesser designs of weaponry, armor, and cybernetic implants have flooded the streets of all the world’s remaining cities.  Always check for the corporate stamp if you are looking for true quality gear, as the streets and the slum areas sell a lot of surplus, or gear made on, or under, the streets themselves.

Machine Meets Flesh

Humanity’s reality has been fundamentally changed.  We no longer face the world alone, with only our weak flesh to support us.  Advances in nano-technology and cybernetics have bolstered the human capabilities to new heights.  Cybernetic implants are the perfect molding of flesh and machine to create a stronger, faster, and more effective hybrid.

Cybernetic implants have opened up a new world of possibilities.  Hackers interface directly with computers through their spinal column, while urban mercenaries lace their bones in new-age metals or tune and wire their nervous system until they are the fastest draw on the street.  Across the planet, the mega-corporations vie for the claim that they produce the highest quality cybernetic implants.

Cybernetic implants have changed Cyber Knights most of all.  Cyber Knights are humans who have accepted a unique and permanent set of cybernetic implants.  The Cyber Knight’s quantum computer interface and organic cryptochip are linked directly into the spine and brain stem, providing them with their unmatched capababilities for data security, but also completely compromising their humanity.  Because of their unique implants and the capabilities that they can access, Knights are sole agents who corporations can trust with their dirty work, but also exactly the ones who can never truly be trusted.


Arms and Armor in 2217

Some have described the remaining cities of the world in 2217 as war-zones.  Perhaps by standards of the Old World, that could be true, but violence and conflict–usually running just below the surface–is part of the every day life of a Zone citizen.  As the Global Matrix has surged back to life, the technological arms race between the remaining mega-corporations has accelerated.

The streets of the Zones across the planet are flooded with the surplus arms and armor produced by the mega-corporations’ war-machines.  The glut of weaponry feeds gangs and criminal organizations, creating para-military groups, street warlords, and militias protecting their own.  Knowing the right people, and the right Fixers can grant you access to even more powerful weaponry than is reaching the streets.  Shopping within the military warehouses and higher-cost stores within the center of New Boston is a very different experience than wandering the surplus stores outside the wall.  Knowing the right military Fixer can even get into private warehouses and auction houses, selling military-grade equipment at discount.

As the offensive capabilities have grown, the need for light but protective armor becomes all the more critical.  The advances in materials and manufacturing have produced more resistance, lighter, and stronger armors.  To cope with the immense killing power of the 2217 weaponry, heavy armor which aims to deflect or stop a projectile is still used by many of the mega-corporations military forces, while others rely on lighter armor.

Across the planet, Mars Inc fights to hold onto its claim to be the premiere producer of the most advanced and deadly weaponry, as other competitors like Yakashima try to edge ahead.


Technological Ascension

The advances in nano-technology and manufacturing have enabled a new wave technological devices and advancement.  It has been met by a major series of advancements in computing technology, encryption and decryption capabilities.  At every step, as the corporations and world-organizations have tried to lock down and protect their digital assets, more powerful decryption and hacking mechanisms have surfaced.  With the rebirth of the Global Matrix, the cyber-war is beginning across the planet as a new age of hacking begins.

In 2217, the streets, shops, and corporate warehouses overflow with new devices, medical technologies, available computer-decks, and manufactured or cooked drugs and stimulants.  At every turn and every new operation, your team will need access to different types of gear to complete their job and preserve their hides.  Amongst the mega-corporations, Yakashima is hailed as the premiere producer of all computer technology, while AzTek and their subsidiary Frontline Medical are recognized as the provider of the highest quality medical gear.