The Cyber Knights Community Forum is buzzing with questions and answers for new players.  We have compile some of those questions and answers here to help new players, but if you have more questions, we suggest trying to the forum.  You will find a friendly, active and engaged community there who loves to help!

1. What is Heat?

Heat is the negative attention that your Cyber Knight’s life as a soldier-for-hire is certain to acquire. As you move through the NBZ, completing jobs for connectors, chose to avoid or interfer with local criminal activity, clash with BraveStar or other security forces, you draw a lot of attention. Mega-corporations and security forces work hard to keep their areas tightly controlled and monitored, and have built a powerful surveilliance infastructure into the dome over the New Boston Zone. Street gangs and criminal organizations alike try to keep their streets under watch, often tailing or following new people who come through their stretch. Heat is a result of the world in which we live.

You Heat is directly affected by your Reputation with the faction of the neighborhood your team is currently in. If you are in a area in which you have good Reputation with the faction, your positive Reputation will be removed from your Heat (as long as you stay in the area). In the reverse, negative Reputation is added to your Heat score as long as you stay in the area.

Violence and other criminal activities are sure to increase your Heat. Having high Heat increases the likelihood that Encounters will turn violent.

2. How do I get rid of Heat?

Heat slowly reduces over time, but slowly enough that you are likely to get into more trouble before it has a chance to dissipate. In order to dissiate Heat quickly, avoid security forces, confrontations, combat, and the law. Cyber Knights who are being watched find it best to slink into the city and vagabond between hotels and safe houses until the Heat has passed. Staying in a single hotel over and over again does not reduce your Heat as staying on the move, and losing anyone who is following your trail.

3. How do I find Contacts and V-Chips?

A V-Chip is a secure contact card that can be used to reach a Contact via a phone. You must install a V-Chip into your Cyber Knight computer to insure a secure connection, and visit a hotel, bar, or Matrix terminal to use a phone.

Contacts are friends, powerful connectors, fixers, taxi drivers, and other denizens of the New Boston Zone who can offer special services, jobs, or are interested in purchasing paydata. Most Contacts stay remote and do not show their faces on the streets to protect their identity, themselves, or their employers. Therefore, you always reach a Contact through a secure connection on the Global Matrix.

You can find contacts or their V-Chips throughout the NBZ. There are many citizens, shop-keepers, and fixers on the street who can help you locate a contact, trade a V-Chip for services, or directly sell you a V-Chip for a profit. When navigating the NBZ, you should also keep an eye out for Contacts who have sent someone to give you their V-Chip out of interest in you and your work. Often, these delivery-agents may appear hostile until they are close. Therefore, when faced with an Encounter, bear in mind that you may be being followed, tailed or approached by such a delivery-agent as opposed to a threatening enemy.

For example, locate the Laughing Dog in the The Fenns or the Black Water Saloon on Commonwealth to meet find some Contacts.

4. How do I sell paydata?

Contacts will purchase different types of paydata, and you must call them through the Global Matrix using their V-Chip to make them and offer to sell paydata.Paydata is any type of valuable data about a specific faction or organization, including reports, identification cards, historical records, payment information, census data, manufacturing diagrams and files, personal correspondence, or the like. Each contact is only interested in specific types of data. For example, an internal affairs for BraveStar is only interested in purchasing paydata relating to the BraveStar faction. It can be challenge to locate a consistent buyer for paydata, as many of the buyers can only purchase so much data at a time.

5. What should I do on the Global Matrix?

The Global Matrix has recently come online, brining with it a new era of mega-corporate competition. The Global Matrix is a network of hosts with the NBZ, owned by different corporations and connected to the major hubs and exchanges through the NBZ infastructure. If you have a Dataport implant, you can connect to the Global Matrix and attempt to hack into these hosts, or navigate the Global Matrix pipes.

The Global Matrix is a game system under heavy work. At this time, you should use the Global Matrix as a way to locate and download paydata. Paydata from a Global Matrix host always belongs to the owner of the host.

6. Is  Cyber Knights RPG Elite available?

Cyber Knights RPG Elite is already available on the Android market and Amazon Market. Elite is now the full production release available for $2.99 as we have come out of a lengthy and very successful BETA!