AzTek GlobalYakashima Holdings UnlimitedThe mega-corps are the largest and most powerful organizations remaining the world.  In the early 2100’s, the power of corporations began to supersede and then replace national governments, as the business organizations gained privatized armies, their own loyal citizenry, and truly global and far reaching manufacturing and researching presence.

In the remaining wreck of our world, mega-corporations are the backbone that has kept civilization alive.  While some view mega-corporations as destructive and greedy, working for their own ends, few deny that without their presence and organization, we may not have survived the end of the world.  Most are willing to accept that the end of the world is an event in the past, and that humanity–with the help of the corporations–has survived it.  Naysayers, freedom fighters, and others claim that the end of the world is not an event in the past, but on that is in our immediate future if we do not stop the mega-corporations’ march to world domination.

Each of the remaining metroplexes is contested by different corporations, vying for power and dominance.  The New Boston Zone core is owned jointly between Mars Corp (the privatized remainder of the North American and European industrial-military complex), AzTek Global (a a powerhouse technology researcher and developer), and Yakashima Holdings Unlimited (the last megacorp standing following the Pacific Corp Wars).


Security Contractors

Knight Horizon - Security ContractorsCorporate private military primarily serve the corporate interests, while smaller businesses, exporters, subsidiaries and citizens still rely on security services.  Elite military organizations known as Security Contractors make their business by providing such security services.  The two famous and local Security Contractors are BraveStar and Knight Horizon.

Brave Star has held key security contracts with New Boston since the construction of the dome. Brave Star’s zones form the very heart of New Boston and they provide security for the vast majority of the civilians in the zone.  Knight Horizon is a new player on the scene and entered New Boston Security market in 2214.  Their aggressive strategies and unique reliance on automation, drones and robotics has won them a growing number of contracts over the last three years.  Every contract taken away from BraveStar only increases the fierce competition and hatred between the two security forces.


Street Gangs and Crime Syndicates

Blue Ox - ParamilitaryLos ValentinosThe slums of the New Boston Zone are controlled and protected by a different breed altogether.  Where corporations and security contractors patrol the inner core of the NBZ, outside the wall is the land of the gangs and crime syndicates.  Armed by the flow of weapons from the mega-corp factories, these forces wage a constant, bloody struggle over territory, smuggling routes, citizens, and business.  In addition to the Yakuza crime syndicate, the streets are ruled by the Fennians, the Blue Ox, and the Los Valentinos as the primary street gangs.

The Fennians have been around since the New Boston Zone was built. Many of their members can claim ancestory back into Old Boston itself.  A relativly new, but well armed street gang, the Los Valentinos seem primarily concerned with expansion. Rolling up out of the deep slums to the south west of the city, the Los V boasts a ruthless set of leaders and street warriors.  Little is known about the Blue Ox, who have a reputation for being a hardcore paramilitary gang, situated in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the NBZ, the Narrows.


Free Streets

The Free Streets of the New Boston ZoneThe Free streets have carved out their space within the NBZ through fierce tenacity and firepower.  There are only a few neighborhoods that are not led by, controlled by, or under the thumb of a more powerful organization or criminal group.  Some of these bloody and contested stretches of concrete claim to be the Free Streets of Boston, while others are ruled by smaller warlords who just refuse to join the larger groups around them.